Our Proposals

The Original Proposal

From our initial feasibility studies we identified two locations which would be viable to operate turbines. We originally proposed two 2.5MW turbines with a hub height of 80m  in our 2012 planning application , one at White Ley Plantation, and one near to Warren House Farm. In addition to the two turbines, infrastructure including turbine hardstandings, foundations, a temporary construction compound, access roads and a switchroom/control building would also be constructed.

Original app turbine locations


The Amended Proposal

Following extensive consultation with both Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council’s planning team and the local community, we have removed the White Ley Plantation turbine (also known as T2) from the application, leaving just T1 in the planning application. We believe that this amendment resolves concerns relating to heritage assets, visual impact, noise and many other issues raised by the local community.

By proposing only one turbine near Warren House Farm the visual impact on residents is greatly reduced due to changes in levels and tree cover. This amendment also serves to prevent any activity occurring around the White Ley Plantation area.

If you would like to leave your feedback on the amended proposals please email enquiries@renaissanceland.co.uk or steve.carney@origin.co.uk