Community Energy

Community Energy

Origin Energy was established as a Community Interest Company whose aim is to help communities and local governments in Yorkshire and Humberside to live a more prosperous and sustainable lifestyle.

Origin Energy CIC is proposing to build and operate one wind turbine on behalf of Norton. The scheme will be owned by the community and all profits will be returned to them for investment in environmental community schemes. The aim is to help the community come together to own, share and solve sustainability issues over the longer term. The project needs the democratic approval of the community. We believe that the environment can be entrusted to communities who have the right will and sufficient resources.

No money is required from the community. Energy projects are sufficiently financially attractive to investors and at the same time able to provide healthy profits for communities. Our hope is that the investments made through community decisions will help support a sustainable lifestyle and reduce the carbon footprint of the community.

The lifetime of a turbine is around 25 years, which translates to a huge investment potential. Apart from the immediate benefit of reducing energy use, we see the potential for new community projects, job creation, invesment in farming and land products. The scope for investment would be decided by the community itself through its own deliberations.

Origin Energy is committed to staying with the community throughout the lifetime of the project.

We believe that this is an exciting opportunity for Norton and Campsall.