The Norton Energy Community

Turbines, locations and impacts.

The turbines would be 80m to hub and have a 40m long blade. The output from the two turbines approximately matches the electrical energy use of the Parish. A description of the project that was submitted as part of the planning application can be downloaded here.

Many factors including noise, visual impact, natural and cultural heritage, have been considered in preparation for the planning application. This work has been carried out by Origin and specialist consultants. The turbines would be connected to the local electricity grid using underground connections for the purpose.

You can also download some details of the community structure and how it might work. Included here are some illustrations of the financial aspects of the project

Environmental Impact Studies

Detailed studies are being carried out on how the turbines will impact various aspects of the environment. We have already made preliminary studies which demonstrate that there are no insoluble problems but there is both a legal and an ethical requirement to gauge the impact of the proposal. The scope of this work has been given to us by DMBC after consultation with Natural England, English Heritage and other public bodies.

  • Noise
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Ecology
  • Hydrology
  • Radar & Telecommunications
  • Shadow Flicker
  • Landscape Impact

The Non-Technical Summary of the Environmental Impact Assessment is available for download here and the full technical document is available on the DBMC website

You can also download some of the official photomontages of the project:

From New Road, Campsall

From Little Smeaton

From the footpath west of Norton

From Barnsdale Bar

Several more have been submitted along with the application.